Please Order Now for 2018 Singles and Nucs!

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The 2018 Queens Will List Around May 1


Honey and wax are always always available at our main website:



At Ebert Honey we are offering Nucs and Singles for May 2018.  We are especially excited to offer, for the first time,  Complete Single Hive Units complete with workers, laying queen, frames, lid, bottom, and winter wrap! (See the product descriptions when ordering for further details).


We also distribute queens for beekeepers across America, beginning around May 1.  We normally only have Carniolans in stock.  Carniolans are excellent producers, winter hardy, and gentle.  Sometimes we have Italians available.  Italians are gentle and productive as well, but they often require much more feeding in the fall due to prolonged brood rearing.


Nucs and Singles are for pickup only.  Nuc orders made at are only for our location at 1090 Hwy 1 N, Mount Vernon, IA (not Lynnville).  The date of availability listed at the time of purchase is approximate--we have to monitor their maturation and arrange a specific pickup time when they are ready. 

If you have any questions or problems, please use the "contact us" link or text 319-430-3514.  Email is usually the best way to get a prompt reply during the beekeeping season April-October.

REMEMBER: Please provide a phone number with your order.  It really helps USPS  notify you when your queens arrive.

Please check back frequently because we are constantly updating our inventory.

Happy Beekeeping!  See our adventures with bees at Adam's Bee Blog!



Do I need a Queen? What do I do when she arrives?

Watch this informational video (with audio), which explains scenarios where you may need a queen, and how to handle a queenless hive.

Enjoy your new queen and the honey in the fall!


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